Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 2017 Fuse List

Owners manual states something like:
"because of constantly improving our products accurate fuse list cannot be given".
Do you find it silly or stupid or both?
Not even if I request it with my actual VIN?
And I did request it, twice. Never got the list.
In all honesty, the sales rep that sold me the car
tried to persuade me that I should go into VW service to refill AdBlue.
He didn't go as far as to insist that I should buy my fuel from VW. :)
I tried to Google it but found only questions and no answers for 2016- models.

Anyhow, here is a very short list that I have found the hard way.
I blew them and had to replace them.

Under the hood:
F11 5A Radio

Under your knees:
22 10A Interior lights

If you have additional data to submit you may send it to and I will gladly expand the list.