Unlocking Option Globesurfer II (Option GT M353W card)
and Option Globesurfer III (Option GT M382 card)

My provider Vipnet has a funny logic.
Along with mobile subscription they give me the hardware device and charge me for it the next 24 months.
After it is over they still don't consider this device to be mine.
Well, yes it is in my posession but I cannot do anything useful with it because it is locked to the SIM card with which it was originally delivered.
Even another SIM card from the same provider would not work. It is locked to the particular SIM card with which it was delivered.
You can solve this by opening the device (which will void your warranty) putting the card into a notebook or other device that can accept it.
You will need some skill and Torx screwdriver.
You will need drivers for Windows. For Globesurfer III which has Option GT M382 card you can find drivers here
For Globesurfer II which has Option GT M353W card it takes a little searching. You will find them under the name Globetrotter 3g+ here or direct download
Once you've got your drivers you can go to dc-unlocker.com or gsmunlocking.eu and follow their simple and straightforward procedure.

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