Dear Mr. Cohen


Thank you for giving me many sleepless nights while I contemplated almost unfathomable depths of your lyrics.

Especially I want to thank you for reading my mind and explaining it back to me in "Light as a breeze" and "Came so far for beauty".

Of course, I knew before that a man is born with two heads and just enough blood to feed only one of them at a time but your explanation is so vivid and sooo right.

Thank you for the verse "You live your life as if it's real". Not metaphysically but taken out of context it is the shortest explanation of paramount achievements of modern neuroscience and physics.
Unlike any religion, this exactly describes the true Nature of Reality. Just a huge bunch of molecules, but beautifully arranged so that they get the impression/illusion of self. You, me, anybody else...

Thank you for being there for me when I didn't really need you, but you put it all in rhymes so that I wasn't bored while I was learning it by heart until there came the time of dire need.

A hundred fold thank you for the verse "and now another stranger seems to want you to ignore his dreams".
I don't know if I developed a taste for them or did they develop a taste for me but it saved my neck in numberless places.
Owing to your heed I lost only a couple of years to them instead of a lifetime.

They say that no one learns from other people's mistakes and a fool doesn't even learn from his own mistakes.
I enjoyed my life following most of your mistakes that you described in your poetry (I never fell for any religion, though) and I am very grateful for your guidance and explanations.

I hope that you did not throw away the plastic violin that I presented to you in Zagreb, but I don't blame you if you did.
It was a silly gesture and I sincerely apologize.

The photo is from Ljubljana sound check and I am very grateful that I was invited to it.

I didn't really listen to your music in 2000's since I moved to Tekkno, Tribal and House but also I didn't really have to.
I keep remembering it in my mind every single day.

Altogether, thank you for creating one third of the soundtrack of my life.
Other two thirds to be blamed on late Mr. Tony Wilson and Mr. Rowland Armstrong respectively.

I am looking forward to your next tour and I promise that I will attend every venue within 1000 km around Zagreb.
In doing this I will be very careful about my carbon footprint to avoid the Maarten Massa syndrome which I effectively ignited through LiverpoolKen.

Thank you again and many times again.



Juraj Mucko


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Thank you

for giving me many sleepless nights while I contemplated depths of your lyrics

for reading my mind and explaining it back to me in Light as a breeze and Came so far for beauty

for putting it all in rhymes so that I remembered in time of need

Forgive me for plastic violin gesture in Zagreb