Leonard Cohen
Barcelona, Spain

Me in highly esteemed company of Jarkko and Hening.
At the end of the concert Leonard thanked them personally. They deserve that much or more!

Spanish team with the birthday cake waiting at the back door.

Palau Sant Jordi on the outside and on the inside.

The show starts. I'm seated in backmost and topmost row, just below the heaven if one exists.

He's playing Suzanne. The candles are lit. Am I drunk? Am I dreaming?
At lunch we were given "thin green candles" and agreed to light them up when he's playing Suzanne.
Boy, was it a sight to see!

For the encores I came much closer.
I seem to be the only one burning my candle throughout the encores, and my fingers too.
Now I have only 6 cm of it to keep as a relic.

The following pictures were taken by Paul Stubbs from the second row just in front of Webb sisters.

Pictures were taken with Panasonic DMC-LZ7 from all over the Palau Sant Jordi.
And Sony DSC-W210 from second row.

All pictures © 2009 by Paul Stubbs & Juraj Mucko. Any copying or reproduction is strictly prohibited.